Ayurveda treatments for Skin Diseases

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Nagarjuna’s Promise

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Do you have Itchy Skin?
Is Flaky Skin troubling you ?
Patchy Skin ?

How Nagarjuna Can Help You!

  • Cleansing both external and from within
  • Clearer skin
  • Self-esteem is elevated
  • Proper diet and medicines are prescribed for better results
  • Effective treatments and medicines for restoring skin glow

Skin Diseases

Skin conditions can come due to infections or toxic reactions. This has 2 issues. One is the skin issue and another is the cosmetic aspect. Reasons could be microbial infection, food poisoning or exposure to other toxic substances. The biggest, most prevalent challenge is psoriasis and its reasons have not been identified. There are certain studies which prove that industrialization and over exposure to chemicals cause psoriasis. People working in industrial areas are prone to most chronic skin conditions. But one thing is for sure, improper lifestyle and stress aggravates it.

Improper handling of psoriasis leads to psoriatic arthritis, heart conditions and/or other complications. Medical handling by steroids has been never the right way to deal with it. Oral or topical application of steroids will only make conditions worse. It will actually take the condition of the skin to the deeper tissues. All complications follow the same modality of treatment. This treatment gives temporary relief and, to a certain extent, some cosmetic benefit. But, in reality, steroids cannot be continued for long durations as it is harmful to all internal vital organs.

Both internal and external cleansing and detoxification is the only line of treatment for all skin diseases. Depending upon the condition (oozing/dry/scaly/full body etc.) different Panchakarma procedures, either single or in combination, are adopted. This cleanses the complete body and detoxifies it. Proper follow-up and mild to moderate lifestyle changes will help the person manage the condition really well.Strict food restriction has to be followed for a speedy and effective cure. The earlier the person comes to Ayurveda, the better the results.


Psoriasis is an auto immune condition which exhibits itself on the skin. But actually it is a condition which affects the whole system. It usually starts in the scalp, below the knees or elbows or in the back of the ears. Usually it is mistaken for dandruff until the specialist confirms it as psoriasis. It presents mostly in three different forms.

  1. Scaly irregular shaped
  2. Reddish coppery with burning sensation and
  3. Thick round patches with itching


Management of Psoriasis is not very easy but not impossible. Modern science quickly takes the resort of steroids. This could worsen the condition as the disease which is on the skin gets into the deeper tissues because it is being suppressed. The major complications are psoriatic arthritis and psoriatic heart. Our primary focus is to see that the condition doesn’t progress and lead to these complications. Thorough cleansing of the body is a must in patients suffering from psoriasis. After this only the rejuvenation happens. A comprehensive and wholesome approach is necessary to handle this condition. Immunity has to be improved for better results and this happens automatically after the detoxification done by our experts.


Extreme inflammation of the skin or in other words chronic dermatitis is termed as eczema. The major reason for eczema has been attributed to two things, one is long term irritation of the skin and secondly reduced venous drainage or both together. It usually starts off as skin blisters and when neglected or with improper management leads to thick skin patch formation. Exact reason for eczema has not yet been determined.

Symptoms of eczema differ and range from scaly reddish to itchy patches. From small blisters to really thick dark patches.


Thorough cleansing of the body initially before the specific treatment is the right approach. Modern medicine has only steroid therapy. This worsens the condition, as eczema, from the skin, gets deeper and deeper into the tissues leading to multiple complications. So a comprehensive and wholesome approach has to be adopted for effective, long standing results. Specific external and internal treatments after Panchakarma is done for eczema.

Allergic dermatitis

Any skin infection which can arise due to allergy is called allergic dermatitis. Many a times it could be a sting or a bite or even some exposure to allergens like pollen or food poisoning. Reason can also be genetic


Dermatitis symptoms vary from elevated spots, small blisters to thick patches. Although different conditions have different symptoms, there are certain ones which are common to all. They are redness, swelling, itching and skin lesions.


Thorough cleansing of the body initially before the specific treatment is the right approach. Modern medicine has only steroid or anti-histamine therapy. This worsens the condition, as dermatitis, from the skin, gets deeper and deeper into the tissues leading to multiple complications. So a comprehensive ad wholesome approach has to be adopted for effective, long standing results. Specific external and internal treatments after Panchakarma is done for dermatitis.

Since skin diseases localized or all over the body are associated with impure blood, purification of the blood is the main treatment. Psoriasis being an autoimmune disorder will need stricter regimen compared to other skin disorders. Takradhara and Pizhicil helps keep the skin clear from all blemishes.

A non-infectious yet inflammatory skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells, Psoriasis causes visible erythematous plaques on the skin, covered with crusty silver scales. Psoriasis occurs due to excessive cell division in the basal layer of the skin, thus resulting in increased epidermal proliferation. Main symptoms of psoriasis include widespread red patches, severe itching, and severe pain. Although anyone can be affected by psoriasis, it mostly occurs in adults, particularly those with a family history of psoriasis. Environment and immunological factors also play key roles.

Common types of psoriasis are:


  • Psoriasis vulgaris
  • Plaque psoriasis
  • Guttate psoriasis
  • Inverse psoriasis
  • Pustular psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Nail psoriasis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Oral psoriasis
  • Eruptive psoriasis

The treatment for psoriasis is decided based on the following factors:

  • The seriousness of the disease
  • The type of psoriasis
  • The size and intensity of psoriasis patches
  • How the affected patients will react to the medicines and treatments

Ayurveda & Skin Diseases

Although the root cause of the disease us yet to be identified, according to traditional Ayurveda, the vitiation of Vata and Kapha causes psoriasis. As per Ayurvedic principles, Vata and Kapha are the two basic energies that uphold the balance of our body equilibrium. Strong genetic predisposition, sun deprivation, and intense streptococcal infection on the upper respiratory tract can badly aggravate psoriasis. As per Ayurveda, these conditions are strong enough to create several visible pathological changes that take place are mainly due to the accumulation of dooshivishas or low potency poisons.

Uneven and unhealthy food habits, consumption of foodstuffs in the wrong combination (Example: dairy products with fish or chicken), too much intake of yogurt, black gram, seafood, sour or salted food stuffs, etc. can trigger the psoriasis inducing pathogenesis. Other catalysts that cause psoriasis includes stress, alcohol, and tobacco consumption

Psoriasis can be effectively treated through Panchakarma therapies, which include Ayurvedic treatment methods for the complete detoxification of the body, and successful elimination of harmful toxins from the body fluids.

Our patient Speaks

“Thank you for the response. Prior to reading the body of my email, I ask that you take a look at the attached pictures of my back. One was taken before the visit and the other a few days after I left Nagarjuna – the response to these pics from family and friends has been one of amazement and if it was not from my own experience difficult for me to believe.

The feedback from people (including my wife and brother) about their experience of Nagarjuna leaves little doubt that you have created an oasis of tranquility and the definite benefit one would get would be relaxation and a feeling of WELLBEING.

For me, Nagarjuna was relaxing, rejuvenating, educational and MEDICALLY BENEFICIAL. For the past 2 years I have suffered from PSORIAIS which has gotten progressively worse. I have attended clinics in the UK and been given various creams but to no effect. I was to return to the UK where a course of UV treatment awaits – but – one that I now consider I will not need.”

A few health tips for Psoriasis :


  • Maintain safer distance from the possible variables that cause or aggravate skin diseases
  • Practice yoga regularly. Yoga can lessen the intensity of this condition.
  • Avoid pricking, peeling or scratching your skin.
  • Make sure to pat your skin dry after washing, and avoid rubbing vigorously with towel or any rough cloth.
  • Avoid artificial cleansers and use gram flour (besan flour) instead.
  • Use cotton clothes
  • Avoid cold water bath or immediate cleaning up right after heavy work-out, long walks, or travel.
  • Avoid food stuffs that can cause indigestion.
  • Avoid excessive salty and acidic food stuffs, radish, urad dal, sesame, jaggery (gur), curds, fish and other sour food stuffs that can trigger psoriasis.